“MY LIFE”



Every one of us has a story to tell. I myself have my own story also. I am born with a broken family. I have two siblings. I am the middle child. I am a child who really dreamed to have a happy and complete family.
My mom left us due to my father’s hardheadedness and vices. When I was 16 years old, she ran away from us without saying goodbye. She was with another man of her own. My father was left alone to take care of us. I bring heavy role in our family because I sometimes acted like a father. My dad still with his vices and sometimes could not do his responsibilities as a father in the house. For that reason I could not blame my mom. Also, I can always witness their fights how my dad battered her every time he gets mad. I grew and matured without the guidance of a mother so that is why during my teen age life I was so cruel and I always get into trouble. Now that I am stepping in twenties I am learning to be more responsible, matured, learned things on my own, dream high, eager to finish my studies and work hard in order to survive and of course to success.





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         We have no rights to the other people. To judge  their because both of us have an own happiness and attitude.Our heart is just the same that sometimes their are happiness and sometimes their are sadness. What aver happens never judge other because it’s not easy to heart of other. Just watch your own fault and don’t judge the book by it’s own cover.





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Gabud, Ditchie

My Family

                First of all I would like to share with you the story of my life. I grew with the expectation to a perfect and a happy family but unfortunately it never happens. I have a broken family since I was in 17 years old. I grew and matured without the presence of my mother. I grew so cruel with so much bad experiences because no one guides me at all. My parents broke up and decided to live with their own lives. We live together with my father because our mother chose to go with somebody else. And I just can’t forget every time they keep on fighting in front of me.

My father is a drank card ever since he got married and my mother does the same thing also but not that much as my dad. My mother kept all the pains and struggles she experienced in her day to day living with my father. All of a sudden she walked away without saying goodbye to us.

Since then, we live our life without a mother in the house. We do all the household chores at home neither for men nor for women. We live life for our own good without thinking that she will come back. And we keep on fighting for survival.